MAT EVAL 101 – M101

MAT EVAL 101 – M101


This comprehensive program is designed to provide applicable concepts to anyone involved in the assessment as well as the prescription of seating and positioning technology. The focus of discussion will be on principles and biomechanics of seating and positioning to maximize function. The assessment process will be reviewed from initial client contact through the final equipment prescription.

Special emphasis will be placed on the value of the “hands on” seating assessment as well as on how to translate the assessment findings into necessary product parameters. Considerations for the selection of seat cushions, using a clinical and scientific approach, as well as back support systems will be reviewed. This course will facilitate critical thinking, assist participants develop clear documentation skills and achieve positive clinical objective outcomes.

MAT Eval 101
Occupational Therapist
Lisa began working as an Occupational Therapist after graduating from LaTrobe University, Melbourne in 2005, and has recently relocated from Sydney to work as part of the Sunrise Medical Clinical Hub in Queensland.
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