Power to the People: Power Mobility & Wheelchairs

Power to the People: Power Mobility & Wheelchairs


About this Event:

For Complex Rehabilitation Health Professionals


$25 with Morning Tea and Lunch supplied

Kindly hosted at Lakes Resort Hotel by

Aidacare Healthcare Equipment, Adelaide


Morning Session

Join us for a Quickie Masterclass in powered mobility. We’ll help you understand all the different base types, power seating options and drive control devices and how they impact on client participation and functional outcomes. Consider this a super charged class on understanding powered mobility.

• Selecting a suitable base to cover personal and environmental needs

• Funding considerations – when features such as motor size, suspension type and tracking assistance are necessary rather than desirable.

• Considerations, compromises and being confident in your advice

You’ll leave this course excited to work with power wheelchairs!



Afternoon Session

Prescribing a powerchair often poses many challenges as you consider factors that affect wheelchair performance and client function. We’ll provide practical advice regarding power seat functions and their use throughout the day.

• What the evidence tells us about skin and posture/comfort protection

• How we can influence usage to improve clinical outcomes

• What power seating functions are truly necessary

• What questions we should be asking in the assessment to guide our decision





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Originally from the UK and with a background of Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Engineering Scott brings with him over 29 years of knowledge working in these respective fields. Trained with the NHS as a Rehabilitation Engineer from 2003 Scott has experience in the management of various client populations with regards to the provision of appropriate seating, mobility and pressure reducing equipment. In 2008, Scott moved to Australia where he has worked with various equipment suppliers helping to support clients, carers and therapists to help bring a holistic approach to the provision of assistive technology. Scott has a passion for the assessment and management of client’s with complex seating and mobility needs, ensuring equipment issued has a positive outcome in relation to the needs of his clients.
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