Tilly Brook

Tilly has travelled the world in her 10+ year career as an Occupational Therapist working within the assistive technology industry. Tilly trained as an Occupational Therapist in Sydney Australia and worked at both Liverpool and Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Brain Injury Units working with clients with neurologic disabilities; providing both functional and cognitive rehabilitation and prescribing wheelchair and seating.

In 2015, Tilly moved to Singapore where she worked with the Cerebral Palsy Association, Singapore. Whilst in this role, Tilly provided wheelchair and seating mentoring to Occupational Therapist, teachers and carers. In 2017 she moved to Auckland, New Zealand where she worked with the specialised wheelchair service, Mobility Solutions.

Tilly is currently the Clinical Hub Team Leader where she has assisted in the development of the Sunrise Medical Australia clinical services. She provides education to clinicians around Australia and assists in the prescription of wheelchair and seating for clients with complex seating needs.

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